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Create resiliency, efficiency and accuracy in your processes. Use UiPath to scale your organization and respond to demand with robotic process automation.

Adding Value to Your Organization

Discover how much time and money you are spending on repeatable tasks, embark on an automation journey, and free up your human capital to engage in more strategic and valuable work to drive your organization forward. UiPath makes it easier to:

  • Automate processes to save employees time
  • Streamline processes
  • Hunt down inefficiencies
  • Minimize disruption by leveraging existing systems
  • Improve compliance by standardizing processes
  • Ensure more effective and efficient outcomes

How Does it Work?

The UiPath platform consists of an ecosystem of tools for all phases of the automation journey. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to improve the automations you have in place, BPS can help you leverage the right tools for the job.

UiPath can be hosted on premise or in a private cloud, or consumed completely as a service from the UiPath cloud. Talk with BPS to better understand the differences in functionality, pricing and what will work best for your use case.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Now is the perfect time for mid-market companies to take advantage of automation and launch ahead of their competitors. We believe that, when designed with people at the center, AI and machines can extend your capabilities, free you up for more creative and strategic endeavors, and help your organization achieve more.

But taking advantage of emerging tech often requires an experienced guide with a proven plan. After all, process automation is not a one-and-done job. To really take advantage of automation, you need a consistent execution strategy that builds on success over time.

Deploy Your Virtual Workforce & Realize Business Goals Faster Than Ever Before

Many organizations have critical business processes that consist of repeatable and, sometimes, mundane tasks. By choosing to automate some or all of these tasks, we can gain efficiency, reduce human error and improve the experience for both our employees and the customers we serve. Whether your process could benefit from complete automation or still requires human oversight, UiPath has a solution. It solves organizational problems by:

  • Finding automation opportunities all across your organization through process and task mining
  • Deploying and managing automations, complete with audit trails
  • Making the automation process engaging for the entire team
  • Automating unstructured data and any other information that can be seen
  • Being accessible to people at all levels of expertise

How BPS Integrates UiPath Into Your Organization

No matter where you are on your automation journey, BPS can help. Our extensive UiPath adoption framework helps clients envision their automation journey, discover high ROI automation candidates, execute the development and deployment of automated processes, and develop the tools to manage, nurture and expand. We’re a certified UiPath Gold Partner with a tremendous amount of experience designing this tool for use by clients, which makes us well equipped to handle your UiPath intelligent automation needs.

Competitive Advantage

BPS is a certified UiPath partner and has helped organizations large and small with UiPath adoption. From common processes such as accounts receivable/payable and claims processing to more complex business processes, BPS has designed, developed, deployed and maintained solutions for clients in government, healthcare, financial services and more. BPS is an expert at helping clients navigate UiPath’s expansive RPA platform, reducing the amount of time it takes to get up and running.

Our Focus on ROI

BPS emphasizes generating a strong return on investment early in your automation journey by identifying business processes with the highest business impact and lowest implementation cost. By accelerating this value, organizations are empowered to adopt a more robust automation program and expand RPA to handle even more critical business functions.

With any technology investment, it’s important to demonstrate ROI early and often. Our discovery phase allows us to determine which processes serve as the best candidates for automation and provide a clear starting point for the enterprise journey.

Our automation teams consist of cross-functional business analysts, solution architects and developers who efficiently build scalable bots and upskill your current workforce to do the same. Our design and development patterns remove complexity and yield elegant solutions that are simple to maintain and increase the effectiveness of the solution.

Our Process

At BPS Technologies, we have a battle-tested plan to help organizations get started or mature their automation strategy. Our approach focuses on delivering value to business every step of the way.

Most organizations realize the potential for adopting automation and the ROI an automation investment represents. Our Automation Adoption Framework helps organizations start to capitalize on RPA technology by providing a clear path to getting started.

  1. 1
    Step 1: Initial Planning
    Identify automation goals, foundational team and partnerships

    In this phase, you’ll focus on building organizational commitments and budgets before the journey begins. You’ll also create an internal proof of value model, identify a process champion and technical resources, and create the initial plan that will continue momentum.

    Outcomes of the Initial Planning Phase:

    • Establish your RPA team
    • Identify a process champion to drive RPA in the organization
    • Select your software
    • Develop skills and initial processes

  2. 2
    Step 2: Quick Start
    Show the value of RPA early and determine potential challenges

    In this phase, you’ll run an automation process in production for the first time. You’ll be able to show the organization how automation processes drive business efficiency, reduce human error and free up resources to focus on more complex problems.

    Outcomes of the Initial Planning Phase:

    • Show business value early
    • Gain organizational support
    • Build additional use cases
    • Survey internal and external stakeholders
    • Revise methodology and frameworks based on feedback

  3. 3
    Step 3: Establish Foundation
    Build on your success and start creating a backlog of demand

    Promote and evangelize the use cases you have implemented within the organization to encourage further automation across all business lines. Build a foundation for scale, growth and stability.

    Outcomes of the Initial Planning Phase:

    • Qualify additional processes for automation
    • Establish a demand prioritization framework
    • Develop skills and initial processes
    • Continue growing your internal automation team and their expertise

  4. 4
    Step 4: Accelerate & Optimize
    Improve delivery with reusable components and refined processes

    Establish RPA as a baseline activity in the organization. Manage your metrics and focus on priority and high-value work. Develop a mature demand management and flexible staffing process to predict, manage and respond to RPA demand.

    Outcomes of Accelerate & Optimize Phase:

    • Establish a mature demand management that aligns automation with organizational goals
    • Promote RPA as a key performance objective across all business lines
    • Implement AI and machine learning to create more sophisticated and accurate RPA outcomes

Who We Serve

Robotic process automation has utility across all industries. We have seen impressive use cases in heavily process-driven fields such as government, healthcare and financial services.

  • Government

    Create a layer of resiliency for your constituent services and be able to respond to spikes in demand by adopting automation for these scalable process-driven services. Whether you are expecting attrition through retirement or increased demand for services, a layer of automation can help governments with continuity or services and minimize the disruption of unforeseen events.

  • Healthcare

    Processing claims, onboarding new patients and handling patient relations are critical services in every major healthcare system. Reduce monotony, improve accuracy and process more efficiently with the adoption of bots in your organization.  

  • Financial Services

    Process and originate loans, assess creditworthiness for your products and services, and deliver high-value services to your clients. Free your agents from manual processes and allow them to focus on strategic business development work. 

Ready to Get Started?

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