Enterprise Content Management

Empower Your Team to Work Smarter & Be More Productive

Organizations spend too much time finding information and not enough time driving growth. At BPS Technologies, we know how to streamline that process and enable a more productive workplace.

Helping You Establish a Strategy

An enterprise content management strategy is at the core of business operations and serves as the foundation for growth, efficiency, agility and resiliency. Are you concerned that your business is not performing to its potential? Reach out to BPS; we can help.

Putting Your Organization in the Driver’s Seat

Begin operating at max capacity and and stop spinning your wheels. Automate business workflows and reduce or eliminate tedious, manual processes with an enterprise content management strategy.

Working with You Every Step of the Way

Adopting a new ECM solution can seem overwhelming. Our team of ECM experts will help with a seamless and rapid deployment, from initial planning through ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements. A content management strategy should increase efficiency, not slow you down.

Integrating Our Strategy with Your Platforms

Connect all your enterprise content intelligently across all platforms, including CRMs, ERPs, network folders, SharePoint and any other systems and applications. You don’t need to sacrifice the tools you are comfortable with to create a single source of truth for your organization.

Improving Productivity with M-Files

BPS Technologies is part of the M-Files Partner Program, reflecting our expertise when it comes to the use of this highly useful ECM platform. M-Files is designed to simplify access to important files, categorizing them based on their content, not their location in an arbitrary folder structure. Advantages of this approach include:

  • Single-version structure: One single file is established for each document, removing duplicate content and awkward email attachments.
  • Easy traceability: Change history is closely tracked and easily accessible, with a painless system for restoring previous versions.
  • Intelligent discovery: The program can crawl legacy archives in search of any information that may prove relevant, and add to workflows as desired.
  • Sensible accessibility: It’s easy to establish access rights and make content accessible to everyone who has those rights.
  • Seamless organization: Documents are tagged according to content, file type, and relevant dates and parties.
  • Workflow automation: Establishing workflows within documents is simple, ensuring users follow each step in proper order.
  • Automatic updates: No need to frequently go through and make updates manually.
  • Deployment options: M-Files can be deployed locally or in the cloud, or some combination of the two.
  • Access metadata: The platform automates user access rights based on role, making it easy to manage them.

Need to know more about how enterprise content management can benefit your workplace? Get in touch with us at BPS Technologies.