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We leverage technology to drive exceptional value for your organization. From technical assistance to devising a comprehensive strategy to digitize your workflow, BPS Technologies can help. Take a look at our service offerings and see how we can help you remain competitive.

Process & Workflow Automation

Looking for ways to save time and hassle, so your team can devote more energy to creative and strategic work? It sounds like your organization can benefit from an automation strategy to take care of some of the more routine tasks. We have a battle-tested and highly reliable system for automation, whether your office is new to it or needs to update its existing strategy, and we’ll roll it out to add efficiency and accuracy to your office.

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Intelligent Capture & Processing

Before you start bringing in new information, it’s highly useful to have a system in place for automatic processing of that information. That’s intelligent capture: a series of steps to automate transfer of information across your organization. With our help, you can maintain control over all your documentation while more easily consuming it.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the term we use for looking for every possible way to incorporate digital processes into your organization. When you work with BPS, we take a close look at your existing business processes and hunt for any opportunities to improve them and make them more efficient through technological means, then help you develop a digital strategy framework to make it happen.

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Enterprise Content Management

No matter how thorough your documents and other records are, there are times when something important hinges on finding a specific piece of information – and nobody knows where to look. That’s the problem that enterprise content management seeks to solve. We work with organizations to connect your content across all platforms, and categorize it by subject, rather than an arbitrary file system.

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Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology represents an opportunity to push your workplace forward and innovate in ways you couldn’t before. With our help, you can build applications in the cloud and create a more data-driven culture, while offering your customers or clients a more secure and user-friendly experience.

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Modern Workplace

Find new and innovative ways to modernize your organization with modern workplace services from BPS Technologies. In addition to automation, we can help your organization develop more effective remote work capabilities, better endpoint security and more convenient access to pertinent information.

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IT & Managed Services

We have a great deal of experience offering technical support to businesses and other entities. Work with us to get convenient, reliable support, whether that means occasional assistance with technological heavy lifting or effectively serving as your IT department.

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