Sectors We Serve with Our Automation Skills

Our 25-plus years of experience delivering quality business process automation, intelligent capture and IT consulting services have equipped us with the skills to help a variety of industries in their technological evolution. Let BPS Technologies show you how to streamline your processes and transform your organization.

Our Solutions
  • Government

    We’ve worked with governments at the local, state and federal levels to speed up their service delivery and increase operational efficiency. From treasury management and retirement systems to health and human services management, we have the ability to replace time-consuming processes, improve capacity and otherwise transform your digital presence.

  • Healthcare

    Manual processing of healthcare data presents a litany of risks, from inaccuracy to security problems. We can help automate your processes, easily transitioning all your paper records to digital and improving turnaround time, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

  • Financial Services & Insurance

    We offer a long list of process automation services and intelligent capture solutions for organizations in the financial services and insurance industries, making it easier to scale and respond to increased demand, improve customer service, reduce administrative time for employees and leave the most repetitive processes to custom-designed robots.

  • Legal

    Our technological solutions allow seamless transition from paper to digital, and our automation processes make far easier many of the functions performed by legal departments – including database lookups, legal research and input of intake documents. Work with BPS Technologies to make your legal department significantly more efficient.

For further information about the services we offer to different sectors, contact BPS Technologies today.