Innovative, High-Speed Document Scanners

Kodak Alaris specializes in class-leading software and intelligent automated features in its manufacture of document scanners. BPS Technologies can help you figure out how best to integrate them into your organization, enhance utilization, and extend functionality to automate paper-driven business processes.

What Kodak Scanners Bring to the Table

For organizations that incorporate a significant amount of paper into their workflow, Kodak Alaris scanners present an opportunity to significantly increase efficiency. The company has a reputation for the quality of its desktop, departmental and production office scanners, all of which are engineered for quality and accuracy.

Kodak Infuse + UiPath

Kodak’s award-winning information capture solution coupled with the world’s leading RPA software enables organizations to accelerate digital transformation efforts and streamline document-driven business processes. The Perfect Page Technology by Kodak optimizes image quality to ensure accurate information capture, and the company’s Capture Pro Software makes quick work of converting paper records into electronic images.

Whether you’d like to extend the functionality of your existing fleet of scanners or explore a comprehensive solution for your complex business process, BPS is here to help.

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Kodak Scanner Options

When it comes to Kodak Alaris scanners, there are three fundamental options. Which ones make the most sense for your organization depend on the business you do and the volume of paperwork you have coming in.

  • Desktop document scanners: These scanners are portable, quiet and designed for easy integration, making it possible to simplify paper-driven workflows. Kodak Alaris desktop document scanners can scan up to 85 pages per minute with the automatic document feeder available on some models, making it easy to extract accurate information, share access through network-connected wireless models, connect easily to day-to-day business processes and more.
  • Departmental document scanners: Making it possible to streamline document-heavy processes, Kodak Alaris departmental document scanners make it a snap to capture and extract mission-critical information from paper – and then easily archive, search for, find, share and use that information. These scanners are also easily scalable as business requirements change and set up with enterprise-level security, with some models even making it possible to improve poor-quality originals.
  • Production document scanners: Built for speed and volume, the Kodak Alaris production document scanners are ideal for back offices, service bureaus and business process outsourcers. They’re engineered for durability, so they can withstand heavy use by multiple teams without any drop in image quality, with document-sorting capabilities and 210-page-per-minute scanning speeds on the top models.

Scan, Capture, and Automate with BPS Technologies

Which scanner is right for your organization? At BPS Technologies, we’ve spent years working with Kodak’s products, and we know exactly where they are best suited within organizations like yours. Whatever scanning solutions you seek, we can work with you to find the right Kodak product line.

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