Process & Workflow Automation

Streamline Complex Processes with Efficiency & Accuracy

Spending too much time and valuable resources on repetitive, rules-based processes? Leverage RPA technology to build a solution that delivers an immediate ROI and frees up time for strategic business initiatives.


Our Automation Priorities

When we work with an organization that’s aiming to save time and improve its workflow with automation initiatives, all of our work is guided by our key automation principles:

  • Show automation value early and often
  • Identify and prioritize business processes to be automated
  • Predict, manage and respond to RPA demand

How to Get Started on Automation

Many of the tools designed to improve automation promise significant ROI when implemented properly. But proper implementation is key, and a concern for organizations that know they need to automate processes but aren’t sure where to start. Our proven Automation Adoption Framework takes the guesswork out of new technology adoption and delivers value early and often throughout the adoption process.

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    Are you unsure whether you have the budget for document workflow automation?
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    ​Does your organization lack RPA expertise?
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    ​Are you worried automation will just be one more thing for your tech team to manage?
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    ​Do you think your organization is too small to take advantage of RPA solutions?

Don’t Wait to Automate

Taking advantage of automation opportunities now offers an opportunity to surge ahead of competitors in your industry. AI designed with people at the center frees up time for business strategy, expands what your organization is capable of and, ultimately, allows you to achieve more in your market. At BPS Technologies, we have the know-how to create that kind of AI, and a trusted process for developing a plan that works for you.




RPA Maturity Roadmap

The time-tested process we use at BPS is engineered to guide organizations on their automation path, whether they’re just getting started now or are looking to mature their current strategy. We make a point of delivering business value at every step along the journey.

  • Initial Planning: Identify automation goals, foundational team and partnerships
  • Quick Start: Show the value of RPA early and determine potential challenges
  • Establish Foundation: Build on success and start creating a backlog of demand
  • Accelerate & Optimize: Improve delivery with reusable components and refined processes

Get started on your automation journey or expand upon your existing foundation. We offer process design, build and deployment services on a fixed cost and fixed duration basis. Our certified architects, developers and business analysts are experts at process design and automation, allowing you to maximize your technology investment add gain efficiency and resiliency to your operations.


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How is BPS Different?

At BPS, we specialize in helping mid-market organizations take advantage of automation and realize exceptional ROI. We help you develop a demand prioritization framework to ensure you’re always automating the highest value tasks, and focus on speeding up delivery to build on ROI.

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