Save Time by Streamlining Processes

Change the way you capture, ingest and leverage your organization’s information and transform document-intensive workflows. Integrate directly with critical workflows and line-of-business applications for a streamlined process flow. Save valuable time and money by eliminating processing time.

Best-in-Class Document Processing Capabilities

The Kofax Capture automation platform is set up to fully automate organizations’ workflows through pre-built intelligent document processing features. Not only can Kofax Capture quickly and conveniently take in the data, it can classify it and offer insights that make it easier to further process. Highlights of the software include:

  • Top-quality document processing
  • Cognitive services that can act across a variety of devices
  • Reliable integration with most capture channels
  • Insightful analytics that make it easier to monitor the efficiency of operations

Using Kofax with BPS Technologies

BPS has been a strategic Kofax partner for over 15 years and has helped organizations across various industries streamline document-based workflows by enabling them with a Kofax-based capture engine. Speak with one of our Kofax engineers today or request a demo.

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The Benefits of Using Kofax

Kofax Capture offers secure capturing and indexing on structured and unstructured documents alike, and can capture content from anywhere at any time, with integrations among MFDs, network scanners and mobile devices. The technology makes it possible to create a high ROI quickly by automating content capture and enabling your organization with high content availability. Among its applications are:

  • Automated document separation
  • Postal mail scanning
  • Forms extraction
  • Customizable API
  • Device integration (with support for more than 300 models of MFPs, including Canon, HP and Xerox)

Adding Value to Your Organization

Through judicious use of the Kofax Capture platform, as coordinated by our team at BPS, you can integrate with line-of-business applications, ECMs, ERPs, BPM, case management and workflow solutions. Customization without code allows for tailored solutions that fit into any organization. It can also:

  • Clean, rotate, crop and straighten documents before extraction
  • Increase document and information visibility
  • Process documents and data consistently every time

Who Can Use This Technology?

The industry sectors that can make good use of the Kofax Capture automation platform include:

  • Government: Streamline document intensive workflows and deliver higher-value government services.
  • Healthcare: Create greater efficiency in claims processing and information management.
  • Financial Services: Reduce loan processing time from days to minutes.

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