Automating Healthcare Processes

BPS has helped hundreds of healthcare clients improve service delivery, customer satisfaction and employee morale by reducing unnecessary processing time and accelerating document-based processes.

Why to Add Automation to Your Organization

Healthcare organizations face high-volume data challenges with processes including claims processing, new patient initialization, data entry and systems reconciliation. In that kind of environment, relying on manual processing of such large volumes of data can result in inaccuracy, human error and security issues, all of which add up to a massive loss of time.

Our Automation Services

Adopting an automation strategy can help reduce turnaround time, improve customer service and elevate employee experience and morale. At BPS Technologies, we can help almost every sector of your organization with strategic claims processing automation initiatives.


Whether information is coming from paper, web forms, existing databases or external APIs, it’s important to establish an efficient intake engine. We can help you create one, or make major improvements to the engine you have and leverage intelligent capture and robotic process automation technologies.


From structured to unstructured documents and documents in varying formats, we leverage the latest in capture and AI technologies to efficiently extract and import information into your critical business systems.


Intake and extraction are only the start of the process. Now, we need to make rules-based business decisions and act upon the data we’ve imported. We build automation engines that interact and integrate with your existing systems and reduce the amount of manual, repeatable labor you engage in.

Insights and Optimization

With automated processes, it’s crucial to monitor their performance and continually optimize to ensure the highest ROI is achieved.

For further information on what BPS Technologies can do for your healthcare organization, get in touch with us today.