Intelligent Capture & Processing

Identify & Extract Critical Information from Omni-Channel Sources

At BPS Technologies, we enable organizations to move faster and spend less time on repetitive tasks. We leverage advancements in intelligent enterprise capture solutions with technologies such as OCR, AI and ML to deliver increased business value.

Breathe New Life into Legacy Operations

A capture solution ends when information comes in the front door – but we’re talking about beginnings here, not endings. Our capture strategies are the very start of the process: the steps that automate transfer of information across the entire organization, so you’re well prepared when that valuable information reaches you.

Intelligent Document Processing

We leverage some of the latest technologies to build solutions that fit your business. By adopting an intelligent document processing solution, you enable your organization to scale effortlessly, and adapt to demand with ease.

Our Intelligent Capture Experience

We have over 25 years of experience analyzing complex business processes and designing solutions that quickly demonstrate an impressive ROI. We start out by analyzing your business processes, so we can determine which processes represent the best opportunities for intelligent automation, as well as how far we can take our automation efforts. Whether we introduce a partial automation or overhaul the process so it’s automated from end to end, the result is a powerful information strategy that doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day operations.

Document Understanding

We work with organizations to leverage AI so they can intelligently process documents. Robotic process automation document understanding enables organizations to “teach” robots to process documents and removes repetitive, rules-based operating barriers, while still ensuring complete control.

A System That Works for Your Organization

Most organizations process documents in a wide variety of formats. Whether structured or unstructured, digital or physical, document understanding can handle those files, reduce processing time and increase business value by further automating the transfer of information post-capture.

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Our Partners

We partner with leading technology companies to develop solutions for our customers, including:

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