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For over 15 years, BPS Technologies has been a leader in designing, implementing and supporting RightFax Solutions. As an OpenText Platinum Partner, BPS has been recognized as a pioneer for the RightFax product lineup. Contact us today to work with our solutions team of expert engineers and optimize your enterprise fax solution.

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OpenText RightFax Benefits

OpenText’s RightFax platform is designed to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace by optimizing business processes.

Accelerate Modernization Initiatives

Remove paper and transform fax-dependent business processes to eliminate inefficiencies, drive competitive differentiation and improve bottom line.

Increase User and Workflow Productivity

Integrate with email and desktop applications for fast, easy efaxing in familiar environments. Optimize document processing and productivity.

Speed Time to Revenue

Integrate with enterprise applications and automate paper-based, manual fax processes to shorten business cycles and increase transaction speed.

Reduce Costs

Digitize manual, paper-based information exchange to reduce errors and the costs to resolve them. Enable paperless faxing to maximize productivity.

Ensure Compliance

Comply with customer, industry and data privacy mandates. Increase security and auditability of messaging and information access. JITC certified.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Deliver consistent, reliable and secure communications to customers and other key constituents.


RightFax is the leading Enterprise Fax Solution.

With Right fax you can centralize your organization’s fax infrastructure, speed up business workflows and increase security for all transmission processes. This automated electronic document delivery system integrates with most desktop applications including EMR systems to make sure sensitive documents are always protected from compromise during transmission – no matter where they go!

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A True Partner

At BPS Technologies, we have a battle-tested plan to help organizations get started with or enhance their RightFax environment. Our approach focuses on delivering value to business every step of the way.

For many organizations, fax is the gateway for sending a receiving important information. Let us show you how to streamline this business function and integrate with your downstream systems, including ERPs, CRMs, ECMs, and line-of-business application to enhance your critical business initiatives.