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BPS Technologies can improve your organization’s efficiency, control and resiliency by driving digital transformation and cloud innovation through the use of intelligent capture and process automation solutions.

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BPS enables businesses to accelerate critical initiatives and drive efficiency by leveraging intelligent document capture and process automation technologies powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We want to make your organization more competitive, and we have a whole host of processes, developed from our 25-plus years of experience, to make it happen.

Intelligent Capture

Increase operational efficiency and mitigate risks by automating document processing activities. Leverage document understanding, powered by artificial intelligence, to help process documents such as contracts, invoices and applications automatically – increasing productivity and eliminating error

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Robotic Process Automation

At BPS, we don’t just provide the technology needed to automate components of your business. We also have the expertise necessary to implement that automation technology in the best possible way for your organization. Let us help you stay competitive in your industry with our RPA services.

More About Process Automation

Enterprise Content Management

Save time and lower costs by increasing data and process visibility and accessibility. An ECM solution should enable organizations to capture and manage documents by intelligently extracting, classifying and validating information from both structured and unstructured documents before seamlessly integrating with core business applications.

ECM Information

Digital Transformation

The evolution of work has forced organizations to embrace hybrid or remote workforce arrangements. Just as workplaces have adapted, so, to, must the infrastructure and technology to support this evolution. Automation supports digital transformation by streamlining business activities and allows organizations to dramatically transform their operating models, internal processes and value propositions. Work with BPS to develop a digital transformation strategy for the benefit of your organization’s future.

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Additional Services

The enterprise workflow automation services we offer extend beyond the above to also include:

Business Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) streamlines workflows and makes organizations more flexible, resilient and responsive. RPA can be rapidly implemented with little to no code and accelerates digital transformation efforts. It’s ideal for automating repetitive tasks, workflows involving legacy systems and processes that are highly rules-based. We work with a variety of automation platforms, including:

Technology for All Your Document Imaging Needs

Digital Solutions Across Industries

As process automation experts, we design, implement, deploy and support advanced enterprise automation solutions for clients in highly process-intensive industries. The sectors we serve include:


Your Partner Through the Automation Journey

Whether you’re just jumping in or have a mature automation model in place, we at BPS Technologies have the experience to help you execute critical initiatives with greater speed, accuracy and reliability. We understand that adopting new technology can be a daunting task. That’s why we emphasize the importance of starting small, demonstrating a strong return on investment and creating a foundation for scalability.

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Leveraging Our Expertise to Deliver Maximum Value

We’ve helped organizations both large and small identify the business processes that make sense to automate and designed solutions that delivery results quickly. In addition, we help organizations measure and monitor the ongoing performance or their automation investments. We’re ready to help your organization, too!

Our Partners

BPS partners with leaders in digital imaging and process automation technologies to design best-in-class solutions for our clients. 

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